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plumeblanche specialises in delivering carve-outs/divestments and merger integrations, those special situations that require expertise to successfully manage complex business transformation.

Combining commercial insights with deep programme management expertise, plumeblanche leaves clients better positioned for growth and long-term success – the rationale behind the acquisition or business change initiative.

Working with investment teams, Buy or Sell side, plumeblanche lends its expertise to identify the one-off and recurring costs/benefits, and growth synergy expectations that impact deal value.

plumeblanche can help investors with deal assumptions by:

• Identifying operational improvement opportunities

• Outlining operational change considerations

• Assessing one-off and recurring costs, benefits, and growth synergy expectations

More than a legal document, the TSA is critical to maintaining business continuity as the asset remains on borrowed infrastructure. The TSA can either facilitate or impede BAU performance.

plumeblanche has experience scoping and shaping TSAs, to establish reasonable SLAs, between provider and receiver, prior to deal close.

Where a TSA is in place, the focus becomes exiting the TSA as early as possible. Clients can rely on plumeblanche’s deep experience and successful track record exiting complex environments, to stand up the new organisation.

The right target operating model will reduce complexity, deliver sustainable improved performance, provide clear governance, and unlock business performance.

plumebanche is experienced, across multiple industry sectors, developing TOMs and operational plans that transforms functions, processes, technology to achieve scale and efficiency.

Separations, carve-outs or divestitures pose unique challenges that require experience and skill to successfully navigate. plumeblanche has a proven track record of separating/carving-out businesses, in various sectors and geographies (globally, regionally and locally).

plumeblanche has the experience of managing the multiple parties, divergent agendas and key stakeholders that are typical in carve-out situations, from TSA exit to standing up the new organisation.

Using our light-touch PMO, plumeblanche will work with the management team to develop a separation plan that exits TSAs and stands up an independent and functioning business, all while maintaining business continuity.

Once the deal is closed the synergies will be expected, quickly.

plumeblanche will work with the executive team to align the VCP and TOM to develop one merger integration plan, that delivers planned synergies from the business.

Vital to our approach is engaging with the business. Securing buy-in also secures ownership and accountability, which is core to synergy delivery.

Developing a programme plan with clear initiatives, detailed actions and accountability to deliver results, plumeblanche puts in place its proven PMO methodology to track and report synergy delivery.

plumeblanche has the commercial experience to quickly understand the business fundamentals and develop a recovery, restructure or turnaround plan. The VCP will sequence turnaround initiatives to quickly stem losses, minimise turbulence and focus on the immediate business needs – cost control, down-sizing, carving out non-core assets, creating alliances or disposals.

plumeblanche will work with the business to create a plan that gives drive, focus and objectivity to deliver results to lead an underperforming business out of crisis.

plumeblanche uses a proven Programme Management approach to deliver focus, drive and results. Our ‘light-touch’ PMO approach keeps focus on execution, helping clients implement change quickly, clearly and effectively.

Our PMO methodology allows visibility of delivery and performance tracking that communicates, with confidence, progress to the business, market and investors.

For Day 1, we will:

• Align the Executive agenda

• Establish clear governance

• Mobilise the Executive and Functional teams

• Create First 100 Day Plan

• Communicate to stakeholders

Programme Delivery

plumeblanche uses a ‘light-touch’ PMO approach to keep focus on execution:

• Track and report progress

• Coordinate interdependencies

• Join synergy planning and financial planning

• Outline one-off and recurring costs/benefit (FTE/non-FTEs)

• Measure and manage delivery

• Monitor risk

Our PMO allows visibility of delivery, and performance tracking that communicates, with confidence, progress to the business, market and investors.

Focus always returns to the growth agenda through innovation, portfolio review, market entry, M&A or diversification. 

plumeblanche works with clients to fine-tune the operating model and VCP to ensure management, people, time and budgets are aligned to achieve results and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Business change is intentionally disruptive, but it does not need to be turbulent.

plumeblanche will work with your business to align strategy, organisation, process, people and technology to overcome typical barriers when implementing business change.

Our success managing change is evidenced by maximum business ownership of solutions that make strong commercial sense and achieves results.

Managed Partners

Frequently Asked

We position our clients to realise the benefits expected of their acquisition.

…the Management team, the Business, the Board and Investors.

We also partner with investment teams, pre-deal, giving key operational input into the business case, particularly around target operating model and one-off and recurring costs.

We have a strong track record delivering successful business transformation across multiple industry sectors, for leading public and private companies.

We bring a structured and disciplined approach that builds momentum, instills confidence among stakeholders and helps clients develop and execute plans quickly and effectively.

plumeblanche sets up a readiness for change and secures employee engagement around a plan that:
• Aligns the Executive agenda
• Mobilise key Executive and employee teams
• Provides clarity – early
• Communicates to key stakeholders
• Uses Programme Management methodology that achieves measurable results

plumeblanche works Buy and Sell side. We work with your team from pre-deal close, preparing for Day 1, through to programme delivery of the new stood up or merged organisation.

plumeblanche have been delivering business transformations, carve-out/separations, post-merger integrations, operational restructuring and programme delivery for FTSE, NYSE and private equity portfolio companies in Asia, Australia, UK, Europe and North America and ‘Rest of World’ for over 20 years.

plumeblanche can partner with your organisation to deliver business change and benefits that continue beyond the life of the programme.